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The Cluster Innovation Centre - or CIC as it is popularly know - has been designed to seek and derive innovations from industrial clusters, village clusters, slum cluster and educational clusters. It is an endeavour to harness the passion and dedication of bright young minds with some of the major challenges of india and civil society. We strive to stream relevant ideas and programmes stemming from the above mandate into its learning and research programmes.

The hallmark of the CIC is 'out of the box' thinking and action with 'hands on' applications through a transdisciplinary route. The CIC has pioneered the concept of a Meta College as well as a Meta University and runs highly innovative state of art learning and research programmes.


Latest News/Notices

25 January 2023

Army Public School Visit to Mathematics Lab @CIC 25th January 2023

17 January 2023 Notice : M.Sc. (Mathematics Educaton) Batch-11 Semester-I Students for Physical Verification of Documents / Certificates rescheduled  on  23 January 2023.
17 January 2023
16 January 2023
05 January 2023 Tentative Time Table B.Tech. (Informttion Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester I, IV and VI
04 January 2023 Advertisement for Guest Faculty at CIC for Academic Session 2022-23
03 January 2023 3rd Alumni Meet, CIC, 7th January 2023
03 January 2023 Notice: M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) Batch - 11 Semester-I Students for Physical Verification of Documents / Certificates on 16 January 2023.
02 January 2023 Attendance Sheet M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) Batch -11 (2022-24) Semester-I 
31 December 2022 Tentative Time Table B. A. (H) (Humanities & Social Sciences) Semester I and VI.
28 December 2022 Status of M.Sc.(Mathematics Education) admission under Spot Round / Fifth Admission List-2022
27 December 2022 Status of M.Sc.(Mathematics Education) admission under Spot Round / Fourth Admission List-2022
27 December 2022 Notice: Information for "Vice-Chancellor's Gold Medal" for Physically Challenged Students-2022
23 December 2022  Corrigendum : End Semester Examination December-2022 M.Sc. (Mathematics Education)
21 December 2022 National Mathematics Day Celebration 22 December 2022,  Seminar Hall, Cluster Innovation Centre 
 19 December 2022  Time Table B. A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences Semester I
19 December 2022 Time Table  B.Tech (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester I 
14 December 2022  Attendance of B.Tech (It & MI) Semester III November 2022.
14 December 2022 Attendance of B.A. (H) (H & SS) Semester V October 2022
13 December 2022 Date Sheet Semester III, End Semester Examination December 2022  B.Tech. (IT & MI), B.A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences and M.Sc.(Mathematics Education)
13 December 2022 Third Admission List - M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) -2022
12 December 2022 3rd Alumni Meet at Cluster Innovation Centre, 7th January 2023
08 December 2022 Two-Day Workshop on ICT Embedded Pedagogy for School Teachers, 13-14th December 2022, Venue: Dream Building, University of Delhi
08 December 2022  Second Admission List - M.Sc. (Mathematics Education)- 2022
06 December 2022 Notice Reg :  B.Tech ( Information Technology  & Mathematical Innovation) and B.A. (H) Humanities & Social  Sciences Semester -I  Students  Physical Verification of Documents / Certificates. on 12-14 December, 2022.
01 December 2022 Academic calendar for first year PG course for Academic Year 2022-23
30 November 2022 First Admission List - M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) -2022
25 November 2022 Urgent Notice Reg End Semsester Examination November December - 2022
18 November 2022 Time Table B.Tech (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester I and III
18 November 2022 Time Table of B. A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences  Semester-I
14 November 2022 Date sheet of End Semester Examination Nov-Dec, 2022 for (IT&MI) and B.A. Honos. (H&SS) Time 10:00AM- 12:00/ 01:00PM.
14 November 2022 Notice Reg:  Celebration of Janajatiya Gaurav Divas to be held on the 15th November, 2022, 02:00 pm onwards in the Seminar Room, First floor, Cluster Innovation Centre
09 November 2022 "Invited Talk on Starting up for start-ups" by Dr. Nitin Morya" [National Innovation Foundation-India], by Dr. Nitin Maurya, on 10/11/2022 (Thursday) from 11 a.m. onwards @ CIC
09 November 2022 Notice Regarding Entry in Delhi University Sports Complex on 10/11/2022.
03 November 2022 3 days International Workshop & Certificate Course on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-up - 10 -12 November 2022
03 November 2022 Discussion on “Innovation in Engineering”  4th Nov 2022 (3 pm onwards), Seminar Hall, Cluster Innovation Centre
03 November 2022 Syllabus for Environmental Science (Ability enhancement course, AEC) 1st  semester
03 November 2022 Syllabus for language (Ability enhancement course, AEC) for BTech 1st semester
03 November 2022 Syllabus Ability Enhancement Course Syllabus B.A Semester I
31 October 2022 Value addition course (VAC) Syllabus
31 October 2022 Skill enhancement course (SEC) syllabus
31 October 2022 Time table of B.Tech. (Information Technology and MI) Semester-I
29 October 2022 Talk on “Interdisciplinary Approach in Innovation and Solutions Needed for Persons with Disabilities” by Lalit Kumar 1st Nov 2022 (3 pm onwards)
28 October 2022 Time Table for  B. A (Hons.) (Humanities & Social Sciences) Semester I.
28 October 2022 Orientation Programme for Semester I Students of B.Tech (IT & Mathematical Innovation) and B. A. (H) (Humanities and Social Sciences)
19 October 2022 Centenary Run University of Delhi on 18th November 2022
19 October 2022 International Conference on Spacecraft Mission Operations (SMOPS-2023)
14 October 2022  Call for Applications: Photography Competition as part of Youth Climate Conclave 4th Edition
14 October 2022 Rules for Attendance as Per University Ordinance VII
07 October 2022 Cyber Awareness Notice:  Is your Job Offer Fake or Real?
07 October 2022 Cyber Awareness Notice: Are You Looking for a life Partner Online?
30 September 2022 Notice Reg filling up Examination form for Regular Students Semester III, V & VII and Ex-students of Semester I/III/V/VII for Examination Held in November/ December, Academic session 2022-2023 
26 September 2022 Walk-in-Interview (In-person) for Guest Faculty at Cluster Innovation Centre, (CIC) for the Academic Session 2022-23
23 September 2022 Notice : University Sports Activities  for the Academic Year 2022-2023
19 September 2022 Alumni Information: CIC Alumni are requested to Update their information and profile in this form 
16 September 2022 Students interested in availing the sports facilities of the University must fill in the details in this form latest by 23/09/2022
14 September 2022 Session on Systems Thinking
06 September 2022  Time Table for  B. A (Hons.) (Humanities & Social Sciences) Semester III, and V,  July to November 2022.
02 September 2022 Vice-Chancellor Internship Scheme
01 September 2022 Notice : Allocation of Rooms for Theory Lectures for B.Tech. (IT &MI) Students of Semester III, V and VII. 
29 August 2022 MSc. (Mathematics Education) Semester III Time Table
27 August 2022 Talk on "Building a Startup - From Ideation to MVP (Minimum Viable product) and Scaling it up" by Mr. Rahul Ranjan 30 August, 2022 from 2 p.m.
26 August 2022 Notice : National Research Paper Writing Competition Under the Theme of SUBHASH-SWARAJ-SARKAR
26 August 2022 Notice : Hostel Admission  For Session 2022-23
20 August 2022 Talk/Seminar followed by a Hand-on Session/Workshop on Intellectual property rights (IPR) and importance of Startup connect" on 23rd Aug., 2022 from 2 p.m onwards.
13 August 2022 Instructions to upload selfie with flag on website and Hashtags
08 August 2022 Cultural Programme on 10/08/2022 at CIC at 02:00PM
03 August 2022  Invitation to Tiranga Yatra on 10/08/2022 at 7:30AM
03 August 2022 Notice  Reg Celebration of Azadi ka Amritmahotsav 
02 August 2022 Notice Reg Semsester II Examination Cluster Innovation Centre.
29 July 2022 Updated Time Table for  B.Tech (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester  I, III,  V, and VII, July to November 2022.
26 July 2022 Date Sheet for Semester II Examination August-2022, M.Sc. Mathematics Education (MME)
26 July 2022 Date Sheet for Semester II Examination August-2022, B.Tech (Infromation Technology & Mathematical Innovations) and B.A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences.
19 July 2022 Tentative Time Table for  B. A. (H) Humanities & Social  Sciences  Semester I,   III, and V, July to November 2022.
19 July 2022 Notice for Semester II Students of  M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) , B.Tech. (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovation) and B.A.(H) Humanities & Social Sciences admitted in 2021-22.
19 July 2022 Tentative Time Table for  B.Tech (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester V, and VII, July to November 2022.
12 July 2022

Notification for Filling up Examinaton form for Regular Students of Semester II for all Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) Programs under CBCS & CBCS (LOCF) Scheme for Academic Session 2021-2022.

11 July 2022

Notification Reg Conduct of Second Phase Examinations for filling up Examination form for Leftover Students Semester IV/VI/VIII  of PG and UG Programs.

28 June 2022

Notification reg. conference/workshop/seminar/symposia

20 June 2022

International Yoga Day Celebration at CIC

17 June 2022 

Nominations invited for 1st tier election of UG & PG program class representatives at CIC, University of Delhi

16 June 2022 Online Orientation cum Guidance Program for Common University Entrance Test CUET-2022 specially for SC/ST students
4 June 2022 Workshop on Game Development for CIC students by CIC Alumni. - 4th June at 11am online
31 May 2022 Time Table B.Tech. (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester II
25 May 2022 Admission Fee Refund of Post Graduate admissions 2021-22
25 May 2022 Postgraduate Admissions 2022: Provision of an Edit window
20 May 2022 MSc. ME Semester II Time table