Cluster Innovation Centre

M.Sc. (Mathematics Education)

Course Transaction:

(i) Project-based Learning

    • Real-time situations in education settings
    • Identification of problem
    • Multipronged strategies to find the solution
    • Solutions are field tested and validated


  • Mathematics in architecture
  • Aesthetics in Mathematics: Mathematical Rangoli patterns
  • Designing Mathematical activities for autistic children
  • Mathematical board games
  • Representing dihedral groups using mirrors
  • Integrated Mathematics curriculum: sample modules
  • Mathematics of Kolam art


(ii) ICT-based learning

  • ICT as an integral part of the curriculum
  • Mathematics-specific software such as Mathematica, Matlab, Geogebra
  • Math writing software Latex
  • Media-based software such as Utility
  • Software for creative teaching-learning resources such as Captivator, Flash, Storyboard
  • Google certification for virtual classrooms

(iii) Media as a platform to raise issues of Education/Math Education and create Educational Content

    • Scriptwriting
    • Basics of Film Production
    • Camera Handling
    • Radio Broadcasting
    • Theatre and Puppetry
    • Advertisement
    • Social Media
    • Animation and Gaming
    • MOOC and E-Learning


(iv) School Internship:

  • 40 days school internship in government and Private Schools
  • Permissions are taken from the Directorate of Education, Delhi
  • Emphasis is on Innovative methods of teaching such as:
  • Hands-on and visualization;
  • Interdisciplinary approach;
  • Differentiated teaching,
  • Self-developed ICT tools and online resources
  • Alternate methods such as story-embedded teaching, Games based pedagogy, teaching through newspapers etc


(v) Research and Innovation

  • Small scale research with appropriate research methodology
  • Write research dissertation
  • Presentations at National and International Conferences

(vi) Learning Beyond Classrooms

  • Summer Internships at Niti Aayog, NCERT, CBSE, MHRD, IIT
  • C³: Creative Conversation Over Coffee
  • Matrix: Mathematics Education Society@CIC
  • Seminar Presentation
  • D. Colloquia at Department of Education


(vii) Outreach Activities

  • Workshops for school teachers
  • Math workshops for school students
  • Hands on Models to teach mathematical concepts
  • Developing teaching-learning resources for Math teachers
  • Helping schools to develop Math-labs in schools
  • Providing need based services to schools
  • Designing Mathematics learning kit for differently abled children
  • Discussing Mathematics on Community Radio


(viii) Enrichment Activities

  • Invited talks by eminent speakers from the field of Education, Mathematics and related fields
  • Skill Enhancement workshops
  • Panel Discussions
  • Field visits

(IX) List of Innovation Projects undertaken 

  •  Music is mathematical in nature
  • Mathematics in CIC architecture
  • Aesthetics in mathematics: mathematical Rangoli patterns
  • Designing mathematical activities for autistic children
  • Mathematical board games
  • Realization of dihedral groups using mirrors
  • Neuro-cognitive basis of mathematical thinking
  • Making mathematics accessible to children with special need with special reference to visually impaired
  • An interface between School Math education and university education
  • Samrat Yantra: A study of mathematics behind Jantar-Mantara
  • Movies as a Medium to Impart Value Education as Envisaged in NCF 
  • Basic mathematical kit for visually impaired learners
  • Mapping history of mathematics across world
  • Mathematical Games Kit
  • World of trigonometry for School kids
  • Self-paced Mathematics learning and Assessment modules
  •  Understanding factorization through visualization
  • Calculation made easy through Vedic Math
  • Operating with irrational numbers
  • World of tessellation
  • Lines and angles measurement instrument
  • Probability game
  • Mathematics of Kolam art
  • Platform for online service for book search
  • Integrated mathematics curriculum: sample module
  • Radian as a measurement unit of circle

(X) List of Research Projects done by students

Students do small-scale action research in real-time challenges faced by students/teachers in mathematics classroom. Below is the list of projects initiative by students:

  • Analysis of Real-Life Questions in Algebra in class 8 and 9 for Serving Higher Aims of Math Learning
  • Questions as a tool in teaching and learning of Mathematics
  • Facilitating Mathematics Learning using Social Media
  • Designing Visual Media to Teach Mathematics
  • Understanding and Misconceptions in Quadratic Equations
  • Enhancing Potentials of Advanced learners in Mathematics- A case study
  • approach
  • Participation of Women in Higher Mathematics Education
  • Developing Mathematical Ability through Cricket
  • Scripting Mathematical Stories as a Pedagogy Tool
  • Socio-Cultural Regional Representation in Elementary NCERT Mathematics
  • Textbooks
  • Robust Mathematics on Community Radio – Innovation in Mathematics
  • Teaching
  • Redesigning PISA in Indian context
  • Assessing Language related problem of Algebra in Upper Primary Standard to
  • Serve the Higher Aim of Mathematics
  • A study of attitude and aptitude of mathematics in third gender
  • Euclid Geometry and its relevance in School Geometry

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28 November 2023

Notice : Project Presentations of B.Tech. (IT & MI) Semester VII /  V / III Students

28 November 2023

Notice: Date Sheet for Practical Examination (SEC/ VAC / GE) for B.Tech. (IT & MI) and B.A. Hons. (H & SS)

28 November 2023

Notice: 4th Alumni Meet at Cluster Innovation Centre

23 November 2023

Notice : Extention of Application Submission Under Student Internship Scheme (SIS) 2023

17 November 2023

Notice: Filling up Examination form for Students of M.Sc.(Mathematics Education) for Academic Session 2023-2024

17 November 2023

Notice : Filling up Examination form for  Students of B.Tech.(IT & MI) and B.A. (H) (H & SS) for the Academic Session 2023-2024

17 November 2023

FDP: Empowering Educators for Engaged Learning in Higher Education at Cluster Innovation Centre

06 November 2023

Time Table for B.Tech. (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester V 2023-2024

31 October 2023

Revised Ph.D. fee Structure for Admission in the University w.e.f. Academic Session 2023-2024

 31 October 2023

Notice : Candidates Selected for the Ph.D. Programme in Cluster Innovation Centre 2023-2024 (Phase -I)

31 October 2023

Notice: Student Internship Scheme (SIS) 2023


Corrigendum : Advertisement Walk-In-Interview for appointment of a Guest Faculty at Cluster Innovation Centre for Academic Session 2023-2024


Notice : Renewal of Hostel Accomodation for Semester II / III / IV Students of B.Tech. (IT & MI) M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) and B. A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences


Advertisement Guest Faculty Walk-In-Interview to be held on 27.10.2023


Notice : Submission of Semester Fees for Students of  B.Tech (IT & MI), B. A. (H) (Humanites & Social Sciences) and M.Sc. (Mathematics Education)  for Semester III/V/VII


Notice: Submission of Registration Fees for the Certificate Courses at Cluster Innovation Centre

09 October 2023

Panel Discussion on the Theme: Ganita vs Mathematics on Wednesday, 11 October 2023 at CIC

27 September 2023

Application Form For Registration / Admission To Ph.D. Course

27 September 2023

Notice: Reg Provisionally Selected Candidates for PhD at Cluster Innovation Centre

10 September 2023

Four days Capacity Building Workshop for Teachers

05 September 2023

Time Table M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) Semester-I   2023-2024

31 August 2023

Announcement of Certificate Courses in Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship, Education of Gifted and Talented Students and AI in Public Health: Policy and Preparedness Poster

31 August 2023

Revised Admission Announcement of Certificate Courses in Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship, Education of Gifted and Talented Students and AI in Public Health: Policy and Preparedness"

29 August 2023

Corrigendum Revised Seat Matrix M.Sc. (Mathematics Education)

28 August 2023

Notice: United Service Institution of India (USI) is organizing an Indian Military Heritage Festival from 21st – 22nd October 2023

24 August 2023 

Time Table for B.Tech. (Information Technology &Mathematical Innovations) Semester-VII  2023-2024

24 August 2023

Notice: Interview for PhD admission ( Phase I) 2023 at Cluster Innovation Centre 

24 August 2023

Notification  Registration  for College on Wheels

22 August 2023

Notice: Hostel Admission for Academic Session 2023-2024

11 August 2023

Notice: Orientation Programme at Cluster Innovation Centre For Semester-I Students of B.Tech. (IT &MI) and B.A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences 

11 August 2023

Admission Announcement of Certificate Courses Offered at Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi 

07 August 2023

Date Sheet M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) Semester-II  End Semester Examination August-2023

28 July 2023

Notification for PhD admission 2023-2024 ( Phase I) at Cluster Innovation Centre

27 July 2023

Notice: Screening of Live Webcast on 29/07/2023 on the Occasion of the 3rd Anniversary of National Education Policy -2020.

26 July 2023

Time Table for B. Tech (Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester III 2023-2024

26 July 2023

Time Table for B.Tech ( Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester-I  2023-2024

26 July 2023

Time Table for B.Tech ( Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester-V 2023-2024

26 July 2023

Time Table for B.Tech ( Information Technology & Mathematical Innovations) Semester-VII 2023-2024

26 July 2023

Time Table M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) Semester I and III September - December 2023.

26 July 2023

Time Table B.A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences Semester I  III and V  2023-2024

20 July 2023

Public Notice: UNDERGRADUATE COMMON SEAT ALLOCATION SYSTEM 2023. Extension of Provision of Correction Window in CSAS

20 July 2023

Webinar on Phase II of Common Seat  Allocation System Undergraduate Admission-2023-2024 
17 July 2023 Notice Reg Rescheduled Examination UGCF- NEP 2022 Semester II 
17 July 2023 Notice Reg rescheduled Examination UGCF-NEP 2022 for Semester II B.Tech. (IT & MI ) and B.A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences 
10 July 2023 Date Sheet for B.Tech. ( IT & MI), B.A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences for Semester-II Examination July-2023
30/June 2023 Notice: Appointment of Programme Coordinators at CIC
29 June 2023 Urgent Notice: Reg. Online Classes Scheduled for 30th June 2023 (Friday).
20 June 2023 Notice: International Yoga Day 21 June 2023.
20 June 2023 Notice: University Drug-Free Committee
17 June 2023 Webinar on Common Seat Allocation System Undergraduate Admissions 2023-2024
09 June 2023 Filling Up Examination form for Regular Students of M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) Semester II for Academic Session 2022-2023.
15 May 2023 Time Table for M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) Semester-II, April - August -2023
15 May 2023 Supplementary  Date Sheet for End Semester Examination May 2023 B.Tech.( IT &MI) Semester-II ER and Improvement
08 May 2023

Date Sheet for B.Tech (IT &MI), B.A. (H) Humanities & Social Sciences and (M.Sc. Mathematics Education) Semester -IV / VI / II ER End Examination May-2023



30 October 2023

Online Alumni Interaction on Computational Finance - 7th Oct 2023

27 October 2023

Creative Conversation over Coffee on Continuous Professional Development 17th October 2023

26 October 2023

Meet-up report of Rust Delhi - 14th Oct 2023

03 October 2023

Report on two days workshop on “Innovate2Elevate: Igniting Innovation and Entrepreneurship” conducted at University of Kashmir

09 August 2023

Report on Mathematics Workshop : Live Mathematics through Games and Activities

18 April 2023

Report on Field Visit of M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) Students

13 March 2023

National Seminar in Higher Education through Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Model

14 February 2023

The Annual Mathematics Education Fest  (2023)  MATHARIBBEAN- The sea of 𝛑-rates by CIC- Mathematics Education Society, Matrix

06 February 2023
25 January 2023
17 January 2023
30 November 2022
19 September 2022  Report on "Systems thinking" by Mr. Shashank Kalra, Miss Aarti Jain and Mr. Rahul (Youth Alliance)-15th Sep, 2022
19 September 2022 Report on "Building a startup" By Mr. Rahul Ranjan-30th Aug, 2022
29 August 2022 Talk on IPR and Startup by Dr. T. Pavan Kumar on 23rd Aug., 2022 (Report)
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05 August 2022 TO ∞ AND BEYOND  a workshop on Innovative Ways of Learning Mathematics
03 August 2022 e- Yantra Robotics Competition (e-YRC 2022-2023)
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10 June 2022 Workshop on Internship opportunities for CIC students
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20 May 2022 Workshops conducted by 3rd and 2nd Year B.Tech students for their juniors.
21 June 2022 International Yoga Day Celebration
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